April 1 1826 – Samuel Morey Patents the Internal Combustion Engine

April 1 1826 – Samuel Morey Patents the Internal Combustion Engine
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the 19th century produced a series of revolutions in transportation, yet it could be argued none have had a wider reach than the internal combustion engine. patented by american samuel morey on april 1, 1826, the means for propelling the modern automobile would cause a dramatic shift in a variety of industries — not to mention individual lifestyles — that continues to this day.

the pathway to technological advancement began more than three centuries before, when italian artist leonardo da vinci scribbled down the details of an engine that featured an encapsulated air-fuel mixture to drive the machine. whether describing his own idea or relaying information about someone else’s, the florentine master had opened the door for morey ever so slightly.

Over the next 300 years, others made notations or early prototypes for a similar design — notably Dutch mathematician Christiaan Huygens in 1673 and English inventor Robert Street in 1794 — but the idea of internal combustion did not take hold until the 1820s. At the time, most machines were driven by steam power, with an external chamber burning fuel and creating pressure to drive the engine’s components through each phase of the operating cycle. …(Read more)

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