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ZIP Code are a system of postal codes and are used within the United States. The system, which is being used by the United States Postal Service since 1963, results in faster and effective delivery of mail within the country. While the basic ZIP Code comprises five digits, in 1983, an extended ZIP+4 code was introduced. In this system, along with the a hyphen and four more digits are also used. These additional digits are useful in determining a specific location within that particular Zip Code.

US Zip Codes Map

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US Zip Code Map

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About Zip Code Map:The ZIP Code Map shows the ZIP Codes that are used within the various states of the United States. To make it easier for the user, the states whose Zip Codes start with a particular number (for e.g starting with eight, seven, nine, etc) are shown in similar color.

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About US Zip Codes

The USA is a large country, with 50 states divided into counties, parishes, or boroughs. The name ‘county’ is used in 48 states, with Louisiana using ‘parishes,’ and Alaska using ‘boroughs.’ The total number of counties/parishes/boroughs in United States is 3,077.

Zip codes are intended to quicken and simplify the process of the delivery mail. The ‘ZIP’ in Zip Code, is an acronym for Zone Improvement Plan.

The history of the ‘ZIP code’ dates to 1963, when the United States Postal Services started this postal code system. This enabled postage to reach its destination in a much more effective and faster way.

If you want to know the ZIP code of a particular place, then Zip Code Finder (below) tool given below is a easy to use utility and one can quickly find the Zip Code of a particular location or find the location by searching through ZIP code.


US ZIP Codes

StateStates AbbreviationsZIP Code
AlabamaAL350xx-352xx, 354xx-369xx
ArizonaAZ850xx-853xx, 855xx-857xx, 859xx-860xx, 863xx-865xx
CaliforniaCA900xx-908xx, 910xx-928xx, 930xx-961xx
ConnecticutCT060xx-06389, 06391-069xx
District of ColumbiaDC200xx, 202xx-20587, 569xx, 20589-20597, 20599
FloridaFL320xx-339xx, 341xx, 342xx, 344xx, 346xx, 347xx, 349xx
GeorgiaGA300xx-319xx, 398xx-399xx
HawaiiHI96701-96798, 968xx
IdahoID832xx-83413, 83415-838xx
IllinoisIL600xx-620xx, 622xx-629xx
IowaIA500xx-516xx, 520xx-528xx
KansasKS660xx-662xx, 664xx-679xx
KentuckyKY400xx-418xx, 420xx-427xx
LouisianaLA700xx-701xx, 703xx-708xx, 710xx-714xx
MarylandMD20588, 206xx-212xx, 214xx-219xx
MassachusettsMA010xx-027xx, 055xx
MinnesotaMN550xx-551xx, 553xx-567xx
MissouriMO630xx-631xx, 633xx-641xx, 644xx-658xx
NebraskaNE680xx-681xx, 683xx-693xx
NevadaNV889xx-891xx, 893xx-895xx, 897xx-898xx
New HampshireNH030xx-038xx
New JerseyNJ070xx-089xx
New MexicoNM870xx-871xx, 873xx-884xx
New YorkNY005xx, 06390, 100xx-149xx
North CarolinaNC270xx-289xx
North DakotaND580xx-588xx
OklahomaOK730xx-731xx, 734xx-73959, 73961-741xx, 743xx-749xx
Rhode IslandRI028xx, 029xx
South CarolinaSC290xx-299xx
South DakotaSD570xx-577xx
TexasTX733xx, 73960, 750xx-770xx, 772xx-799xx, 885xx
VermontVT050xx-054xx, 056xx-059xx
VirginiaVA201xx, 20598, 220xx-246xx
WashingtonWA980xx-986xx, 988xx-994xx
West VirginiaWV247xx-268xx
WisconsinWI530xx-532xx, 534xx-535xx, 537xx-549xx
WyomingWY820xx-831xx, 83414

US Zip Codes by State

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Last Updated on: February 21, 2020

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